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The Teacher Of PROMISE Awards

Forsyth Educator Partnership honors teachers in their first year who have demonstrated Potential, Responsibility, Optimism, Motivation, Ingenuity, Sensitivity, and Excellence in teaching. The awards are designed to promote the retention of quality teachers in our public schools. The Teacher of PROMISE Awards is supported by funds received from Reynolds American Foundation.

2017 Winners

  • Avery Payne, North Forsyth High School
  • Micah Grier, Kernersville Middle School
  • Annie Thompson, Konnoak Elementary School
  • Ashley Brady, North Hills Elementary School

2016 Winners

  • Suzanne Smith, 2nd Grade, Ibraham Elementary
  • Syreeta Smith, 1st Grade, Konnoak Elementary
  • Sharonica Watson, Exceptional Children, Lowrance Middle School
  • Stephen Langford, English, Reynolds High School

More About This Program

Now in its eleventh year, the Teacher of PROMISE Awards recognize and honor four, first-year teachers with $1,000 awards.

The teachers are nominated by their school principal for demonstrating Potential, Responsibility, Optimism, Motivation, Integrity, Sensitivity, and Excellence in teaching.

The PROMISE Awards are announced at the annual STAY Initiative Banquet, a WS/FCS mentoring program designed to help new teachers during their first year in the classroom. The awards promote excellence in teaching, commitment to the profession and assist in teacher retention.

  • Honors excellent first-year teachers
  • Each school nominates one teacher
  • At least one teacher from each level recognized


The Promise Awards allow us to publicly recognize and honor outstanding first year teachers at all levels. The collaboration between FEP and school system reinforces the need to ensure quality public education for every child starting with our classroom teachers.

Our community is fortunate to have this organization that believes and strives for educational excellence in our public schools.

Cydney Conger

Program Manager, WS/FCS STAY

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