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Innovative Grants for Teaching

2017 Innovative Grant Winners

Bonnie Alexander, Mineral Springs Elementary
Michelle Avendano, Speas Elementary
Kimberly Briggs, Reynolds High
Wendy Broadstreet, Jefferson Middle
Traci Brownlee, Gibson Elementary
Nakita Carson, Walkertown Elementary
Vernon Childress, Carter High School
Jordan Clampitt, Moore Elementary
Valerie Crawford, Union Cross Elementary
Jennifer Edgerton, Union Cross Elementary
Catherine Gant, Piney Grove Elementary
Kathryn Gehrs, Kimberly Park Elementary
Amanda Gordon, Diggs-Latham Elementary
Jayne Grubbs, Caleb’s Creek Elementary
Tiffany Hagan, Hall-Woodward Elementary
Christina Irby, Carter High School
Karari Johnson, Kennedy High
Angela Kelly, Mineral Springs Elementary
Janell Miller, Carver High School
Richardean Miller, Griffith Elementary
Monica Pask, Southeast Middle
Syrita Robinson, Petree Middle
Dr Shafer, Kennedy High
Wendy Shoaf, Walkertown Elementary
Maria Simpson, Walkertown Elementary
Amie Snow, Ibraham Elementary
Elia Spencer, Clemmons Elementary
Carlos Volcan, Speas Elementary
Yesmin Volcan, Speas Elementary

How It Works

Grants are awarded once a year, after the beginning of the school year. The application will appear here when grants are open. The winners are announced in this space.

The short application includes a description of the innovative project, the benefits(s) for the students, and how success will be measured. Please submit your application using the form below during the application period from June to August.

A one page final report is required at the end of the project along with your receipts.

Awardees can expect a required project observation by one of the committee members.

Project awards will range from $50.00 to $500.00.

Innovative Grants for Teaching are designed to encourage, empower, and support teachers in their efforts to:

  1. Enhance learning opportunities for their students.
  2. Build upon their innovative approaches in meeting specific learning needs of their students.
  3. Build upon the dedication to their students and teaching.
  4. Acknowledge the level of caring teachers have for their students and the care they provide.
  5. Expand their professionalism.

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